Meet Marisa Head

I’m the Owner & President of My Writing Coach, LLC, and your personal guide to all things literary. I started this business in 2014, but I’ve been writing for as long as I could hold a pencil. I love to connect others to the power of the written word as a means of expression and communication.

11201877_10101418064893776_1556826265772972149_nProfessional Background

I started my career in journalism while in college, first as a reporter & photographer covering youth sports, and then as a web content manager and blogger. In 2012, I left the newspaper world and shifted lanes to marketing, where I put my web content skills to work crafting email copy and subject lines, and eventually strategizing email marketing campaigns for several B2B-oriented clients. I also began teaching group classes at Women Writing for (a) Change.

Throughout college, and then beyond, I found opportunities to help other writers by reviewing their work and guiding them to create a polished final product – be that a class paper, a blog or article, a work of fiction or poetry, or a big project like a memoir or novel. This inspired me to create My Writing Coach and combine my passion for the written word, my knowledge of storytelling craft, and my experience in content marketing, to help individuals and businesses meet their editorial goals. Most of my clients and students are women, and while fiction remains my specialty, I’ve gained considerable experience with memoir and other nonfiction..

  • Bachelor of Arts in English with a Creative Writing emphasis
    Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio – 2008 Honors Graduate
  • Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy certification
    Women Writing for (a) Change, Cincinnati, Ohio – Class of 2015/16