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Editing, Critique, and Coaching

What payment methods do you accept? Payment is easy! I can accept cash, check, credit cards, or PayPal.

I have more than one piece to submit. How is this priced? The total is determined by the sum of the word count of all pieces submitted to me for any single order, even if they individually fall into different tiers.

How do I figure out my word count? It depends on what software your document resides in, but if you’re using Microsoft Word, the word count is often displayed in the status bar along the bottom of the screen. If it is NOT there, you can right-click that bar and put a checkmark next to “Word Count” to enable this feature.


When is payment due? Payment for editing is due at the time that I complete & return the edits to you. For larger projects, I may ask for a deposit upfront and balance due on delivery, or arrange for a payment plan (you can request this option, too!). Payment for coaching sessions is due at the time of the session.  If you choose to package edits + a session, you will be billed separately for each.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule? I require 24  hours’ notice. A $5 fee applies to late cancellations. For in-person appointments, I make an exception when road conditions are dangerous. And if I have to cancel on you with short notice, you get $5 off! That only seems fair.

Tell me more about the free introductory consultation. This is a chance for those who are just getting started to sit down with me and feel out the process. It’s also a chance for me to get to know you and your writing goals better. Together, we can determine if and how we want to continue.

What is the difference between coaching & critique sessions? Coaching sessions are flexible. Want some feedback & encouragement on your project (without full-blown edits)? Wanting to learn or practice a particular writing skill? Need an accountability partner? That’s coaching. Critique is more narrowly focused on your manuscript. For billing purposes, though, they are the same.

Private Parties and Workshops

What payment methods do you accept? When is payment due? Payment is easy! I can accept cash, check, credit cards, or PayPal. Payment for workshops is taken at the completion of the workshop. For parties, a 50% deposit is required to secure your reservation. This deposit is refundable up to 14 days before your event. The balance is due the day of the event.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule? The decision to cancel a workshop or party must be made at least 7 days prior to the intended start date to avoid a $35 penalty. Party deposits can be refunded up until 14 days before the event. Rescheduling is subject to availability; a deposit can be applied to a rescheduled party if a date is booked immediately.

Is there a minimum / maximum size for workshops? Yes, a minimum of 8 students is required to hold a workshop, and the maximum size is 20 participants unless alternate arrangements are made. Failing to meet the minimum number of enrollees may result in cancellation of the workshop unless alternate arrangements are made.

Is there a minimum / maximum size for parties? No minimum, but the maximum size is 20 participants. Additional guests incur an extra charge of $5 for each guest above 20 and may require the participation of a second facilitator. A final headcount is required at least 72 hours prior to the party, and this is the number that will be reflected on the final invoice. Additional, unplanned guests will incur the standard charge of $35 each. There is no refund for no-shows or canceled guests.

What if I have more than 20 guests present, but some of them aren’t participating in the writing activities? I discourage this whenever possible, to reduce distractions from our activities. If this is a possibility at your event, please address with me in advance.

Will you help me advertise my workshop? I can provide you some verbiage and imagery that you can use to promote your workshop, but advertising and ensuring minimum enrollment, as well as handling registration and collecting payment from your enrollees, is your responsibility.

Does My Writing Coach provide a space for parties and workshops? As a rule, no – have notebook, will travel! I do have limited access to some venues, but their availability is not guaranteed when you book.

Is alcohol allowed at events? Only if the event is being held in a private residence. I do not carry the necessary liability insurance to allow alcohol for events that take place at a rented location. If you are serving alcohol at your private party, you assume responsibility for the conduct and safety of your guests, including enforcing the legal drinking age and preventing drunk driving. 

What about food? This is fine, though not included in the party fee. If you intend to serve snacks or a meal, please let me know so I can build some chow time into the schedule.